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When Easter came around, all the shops were fully stocked with seasonal sweets. We couldn’t help but notice a new trend: new and original flavours in chocolate easter eggs were emerging, ranging from candy-cane to cherry-beer. Our curiosity was piqued: with all these unique flavours, which one is truly the most delicious? And so our search for the best chocolate Easter egg began.

We set up a tasting test at the office. A gigantic bowl filled to the brim with 5kg of chocolate eggs, consisting of the craziest, most unique flavours we could find. And of course a detailed spreadsheet to keep score. Because at BeyondDutch, we address every matter with the highest level of professionalism… And because we’re just big nerds who love data.

After a very exciting two weeks of testing and tasting, the winners – and a clear loser – became apparent.
1. Sharing first place: milk chocolate-tompouce and milk chocolate-pumpkin spice. The first received extra points for its colourful pink & yellow design, and the latter was described as ‘true to the original autumnal drink’.
2. In second place: milk chocolate-macaron, with our communications intern being its biggest fan.
3. And last but not least, in third place: white chocolate-raspberry cheesecake. One of the sweetest flavours we had selected, but as you can tell by now, we have a sweet tooth here at the office.

Also worth mentioning is the chocolate egg that was met with the most disgust. A flavour so foul, many didn’t even dare to taste it: milk chocolate-cola. The review that described it best: “Who ever approved of this awful combination?”

Although we still have a handful of cola-flavoured chocolates we can’t seem to get rid of, we hope this will be the start of a very sweet, yearly tradition at BeyondDutch.

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