At BeyondDutch, we want to facilitate personal growth, both on an individual level and as a team. That’s why we introduced a new initiative: Development Day. A full day dedicated to our team, to be held once every four months.

On November 10th, we had our very first development day. The theme: Rugby! If there ever was a sport characterized by teamwork, it is rugby. Therefore making it an ideal team-building outing. And our CEO just happened to know a guy… (That guy being the former coach of the national team).

It all started on a cold, but beautiful November morning. The team gathered on the playing field of the rugby club in Amersfoort. The cold soon left our bodies and was replaced with the warmth of laughter, as we started the warming up consisting of several hilarious tag-like exercises.

Then the real work started: from endurance training, to scrumming, to practicing a line up: we trained like rugby pros. With the help of our rugby coaches, we did it all. Although for some, this resulted in sore muscles that lasted for days. But all the hard work was worth its reward, as we were met with a delicious lunch back at the office.

Then it was time for our brains to do some exercise. We learned all about the power of storytelling. How you can draw inspiration from a narrative, how it allows for creative thinking, and above all, how it creates a shared identity.
We looked at our own narrative. Looking at our past, in awe of all the obstacles we have overcome. Looking toward the future, visualizing all the opportunities ahead. And lastly, grounding ourselves in the present: as a team, what exactly is our story? Split up into three groups, we came up with three very different stories. Overflowing with crazy and creative metaphors, from spaceships to small fishes… But all three shared the same theme: the heart of our company.

On that note, we can conclude it was a very successful first edition of the development day. We’re looking forward to the next one in March!

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