Our colleagues attended MIPCOM this year and like to share their experiences with us.

Iemke Roos – CEO of BeyondDutch.
MICOM in Cannes this year was fantastic.
Firstly, it was the first “full On” market since the pandemic. Everyone was there and ready to have a great time and do business at the same time. We did the usual “every half hour another meeting” and we survived. Partly due to the relaxing and joyful cocktail parties and dinners at night and the great weather during the day. What is truly great to experience though, is the enthusiasm and appreciation for our platforms, our achievements so far and the willingness to cooperate in making our platforms even more successful in the future. Our input is taken seriously, and we get more and more involved the development of new movies and series. It therefor goes without saying that the content lineup we envision on our platforms will be exceptional again in 2023. Getting better and better every year. Servicing our niches better and better. Going above and beyond the mainstream!

Francesca Bordignon – Content Licensing Manager 
Back from a successful MIPCOM Cannes and very excited to have met our distributors, first time in person for some of them. From the Producer’s hub in “the basement” to the grand pavilions on the Croisette, we met with Koan, Imagicomm, BMG, Multicom, ACI, Muse, eOne, Gaumont, ReelOne, All3, Beta, Freemantle, AMC, Hallmark, Dynamic TV, Daro, Banijay, A&E, Cineflix, Lionsgate, BBC, Pinnacles Peaks, Paramount, Fox, MGM and the list is not complete. We’ve been scouting new movies and series, exploring new genres to expand our selection of romantic and inspirational content to share with our loyal and growing subscribers. Everyone’s impressed with our achievements in the last couple of years so much so that we’ve been asked “when are you launching a FAST* Channel”? It’s early to follow the footsteps of Pluto TV, Peacock, IMDB TV but somebody told us “you guys could take over the world” so… watch out!

*FAST is the acronym for Free Ad-Supported TV. Essentially, streaming live TV without subscription.

Judith Spekschate – Content Director
Mipcom 2022 was great!
Yes, my first Mipcom is a fact! An interesting work trip in which I stepped into the world of the content market for the first time. It was so nice to speak to the distributors and hear what they have in store for 2023, but also that they take us more and more seriously and know what we are looking for. A magical mix of networking events, search for new movies and series and unlimited meetings with producers from “the basement” to the grand pavilions of Lionsgate and eOne, all against the background of the legendary Croisette of Cannes.

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