Looking beyond our own horizon. It’s so important to us that we even put it in our name. Beyond the horizon there’s an unlimited amount of opportunities to explore. For our channel New Faith Network we are constantly on the lookout for new collaborations with Christian organizations. Together with Christian rehab clinic De Hoop we made the documentary series Overwinnaars. And we’re organizing a week of awareness for the persecuted Church with SDOK, an organization dedicated to help persecuted Christians. So when we received a phone call from the director of Opwekking asking if we could collaborate, we were more than excited.

The Opwekking Foundation is an organization that is best known for the Pentecost conference in the Netherlands, also called Opwekking (‘Revival’). Opwekking is the largest Christian event in the Netherlands, attracting more than 65,000 people every year. The weekend is dedicated to services, seminars and programs for children, teenagers and young adults.   

Video Diary 

Opwekking wanted to enthuse and inspire people for the conference in the weeks leading up to it. Together we decided to make the Video Diary: Opwekking. Starting the day after Easter, there was a daily video online with Biblical reflections from speakers who would speak at Opwekking. This page was available to both subscribers and non-subscribers. Opwekking provided the speakers and we recorded the reflections with them in our studio and created the videos and artwork. The result was a beautiful series of daily videos that attracted many people to our website. 

A photobooth and a competition 

In addition to this collaboration, we were also present at the Pentecost conference with a stand. Everyone was welcome to take a picture at our special photo booth, participate in a competition and talk to the team. This resulted in many beautiful moments – our stand was definitely one of the most popular ones! Throughout the weekend, families and groups of friends crowded around the bin to guess how many rolls of film were in there (416!). Lots of people walked the red carpet to snap a nice photo. 

On top of that, we had great conversations with visitors. When we were at the conference a few years ago, hardly anyone knew New Faith Network. Now the majority of people had heard of us before and lots of them expressed how happy they were with their subscription. Although our team had to endure a lot of rain the last two days of the conference, it was an amazing experience to get out of our comfort zone and realize again what a delight it is to make people beam. 

Working together with Opwekking was a great way to explore the opportunities beyond our familiar way of doing things, onto new roads with creative ideas, joyful encounters and happy new subscribers of New Faith Network.

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