Running an international subscription based business means making sure you have all the right international payment options at your disposal. The big challenge lies in the fact that every country – and therefore every market – has its own favorite when it comes to payment methods. And frankly, some of these were unknown to us until recently.

First of all, it was important to clarify what the specific wishes were for each market. That gave us some surprising insights. Logical next step: ensuring to make these payment methods available to our aspiring members.

After the successful implementation of PayPal, we are now approaching the next release. We’ll be introducing Klarna and Vipps in March 2022. Especially the latter is a big deal, since we will be one of the first – if not the first – in our business to do so. 

In both cases, it concerns a Nordic FinTech solution, devised by one of our neighbors upstairs. Vipps is a Norwegian mobile payment app. With more than 3 million users (on a total population of more than 5 million), Vipps is Norway’s largest payment application. Klarna was developed in Sweden and has been around a good ten years longer than Vipps. It is more widely known and has already established itself well beyond the Swedish borders. It offers its users the option to pay for their online purchase immediately or up to 30 days later.

Final updates that we want to share with you, because we’re proud of them: we aligned Adyen Autorecovery; and tightened a few screws and bolts under the payment cap, to make payments even easier and faster.


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