Over the past year, our enthusiastic team has worked with heart and soul on a number of new functionalities. In the first quarter of 2022, we were delighted to introduce a number of highly requested features.

With these new features, we are also introducing a new type of subscription. The existing subscription has been renamed to Basic. The subscription with the new functionalities will be called Premium. Existing customers have been temporarily upgraded to Premium and can then choose whether they want to keep the new functionalities – at the Premium surcharge – or prefer to stick to the Basic subscription. New members can choose between Basic and Premium when signing up.

So what are the main differences between Basic & Premium you ask?


Watch simultaneously

You can now create up to four profiles on one subscription. That means that one subscription can easily be shared with others. We actually encourage our members to share their subscription with others, so that more people can enjoy our movies and series. To ensure everyone has a personalized experience, each profile has its own list of ‘Favorites’ and a personal list for ‘Continued Watching’.


Download to Go

You can now download our movies and series to your phone or tablet with one simple click. That way you can watch them anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

All of our members can switch from Basic to Premium – or vice versa – at any given time. Under ‘Your Profile’ on the platform, everybody has full control over this themselves. And if there are any issues or questions our customer service is always happy to help.

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